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Generation 3: Chapter 3

Screenshot (2)
Just like his big sister, our little Declan received the loving care of his parents and grandparents, never wanting for love or attention.

Screenshot-2 (2) 
Aria was quickly on her way to learning to walk and talk.  It amazed me how quickly she developed.

Screenshot-5 (2) 
She was a happy, giggly little girl, and very attached to her daddy.

Cullen and I decided to have one more child.  Three seemed like a great number – not a crazy large family, but still enough that our children would have each other.  We also wanted them to be close in age, so they would always have one another as friends and playmates.

I was soon rewarded with the knowledge of carrying another child by becoming violently ill.  Thankfully, I was ready for it and knew it wouldn’t last too long!

As much joy as we received awaiting our new arrival and living our dream with Aria and Declan, we were heartbroken when we lost our dear dog, Koda.

My stomach was quickly expanding as we eagerly anticipated meeting our third child.

Like his baby sibling in my belly, Declan was also growing quickly!  He inherited my brown hair and his daddy’s grey eyes.

Aria is also growing like a weed, and to mine and Cullen’s astonishment, is already old enough to start school!  She is very excited!

We soon welcomed our brand new baby girl, Ryleigh. 

While our lives were filled mostly with joy, we also experienced our share of heartbreak as my mother passed away.

We were astonished with how quickly it seemed Ryleigh grew.  It was like we had barely brought her home before she was crawling around the house!  We are so very happy with our love for one another and our three beautiful children!

Generation 3: Chapter 2

As my pregnancy progressed, I became constantly more grateful to my past self for selecting writing as a career.  I couldn’t imagine working a regular job with my quickly growing belly.

My self-employment also provided endless maternity leave, the need for which arose at a much quicker rate that I had anticipated.  I could hardly believe that it was already time to welcome my little angel, but the sharp pain in my abdomen and liquid rushing down my legs left no room for doubt.

My beautiful Aria was born a few hours later, and I had never felt more right about anything in my life than I did the moment I held her in my arms.

Screenshot-56 Screenshot-59
Of course, it is only natural that any child created out of such pure love is nothing short of the perfect addition, and will grow up surrounded by love.

Screenshot-54 (2)Screenshot-55 (2)
Malekai has been progressing up the ranks of the military career, and with Aria’s birth, decided to strike out on his own path.

Screenshot-59 (2)Malekaihouse2Malekaihouse3
Mom and dad bought him a house, just like they had for my other siblings.

Malekai’s move was timely, as we discovered soon after that our house would be gaining another new member.

Cullen is an amazing father to Aria, and she is never short on love or attention, as the only infant in a house of four adults.

Like me, Cullen works from home, but as a painter.

It wasn’t long before my stomach became quite rotund, and my little Aria’s first birthday was upon us.

She is a perfect mix of her father and I, with Cullen’s black hair and my green eyes.

My sister Raina, who married her high school sweetheart Bobby Wilkes and has a little girl, Allyson, close to Aria’s age, is expecting her second child.  Screenshot-79Screenshot-80
As our family continues to make contributions to the population of Cottonwood Hills, we also add to its structure to help it grow.  I have funded a business park with a bistro to add to the opportunities in our growing city.

The growth of our city and our family go hand in hand, as soon after the opening of the building, I went into labor for a second time.

Cullen and I proudly welcomed our second child, Declan, into our family and the world of Cottonwood Hills.

Generation 3: Chapter 1

The transition from the teenage years and high school to the real world is never a simple one.  For me, this change meant saying goodbye to many.  I had always been one of six children in the household, and to have the cut to two all within a weekend was a huge shift for me.

Malekai remained living at home with me, and he worked really hard on preparing himself for a career in the military.  He did research along with his physical preparation and contacted the military, convincing them to build a base her in Cottonwood Hills.  I loved still having him around, but he was often busy and not having any of my other siblings around was difficult for me.

Luckily, I had my rock, Cullen, through it all, and that didn’t change for a moment.  Most people have relationships as teenagers, at least at some point, and it is a rarity for them to last.  For my first relationship, which began very early after I started high school, to endure so long, was almost unheard of. 

I knew early on that my relationship with Cullen was a special one, and every moment since has served only to reinforce that.  We are the perfect mix of passion and comfort.  I know my tastes are selective – some even call me a Snob – but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with knowing exactly what you want and being willing to pursue it.  Cullen has never asked me to lower my standards, or to settle.

When he dropped to one knee and asked for my hand, I’ll admit I was surprised – we had never actually talked about marriage, though I think we both felt that we knew where our relationship was headed.  I think he guessed that I would rather not be expecting is proposal – and he was absolutely right.  I didn’t have to hesitate for a moment before falling to my knees beside him and accepting unconditionally.

It didn’t take long for us to organize our wedding. We wanted something small and private.  Cullen grew up in foster care and didn’t have any family to attend the wedding, so we had the ceremony at home with my family there to support us and give Cullen a family to call his own.

The evening of our wedding, we were met by a wave of grief, as my grandfather passed away. He had certainly gotten up there in age, but it was hard to remember how old he was, he was so full of life at all times.  Saying goodbye to him was the hardest part.

Life continued on, and I worked harder than ever on my writing career, with new inspiration from my new life with Cullen.

We made changes to the house to make it our own – updating the master suite to our tastes.  Malekai also remodeled his and Liam’s old bedroom to a more mature feeling.

The changes continued for us, as Cullen and I were ecstatic to discover that we are expecting!  We look forward to our next chapter, bringing a child into our loving family.

Generation 2: Chapter 12

The time has come for me to step down as head of our household.  Our children have all grown, and begun on their separate journeys.  Annette and I built houses for them, with plenty of room for them to grow into, so they can begin down their own paths and contribute to our developing town.

Liam, with his interest in becoming a jockey, adopted two horses – Ricochet and Aasifa.Screenshot-317 Piercehouse2Piercehouse5Piercehouse3Piercehouse4
We built him a large house on the outskirts of town, with plenty of room for him and his horses to flourish and, if desired, begin a family.   

Gage is not quite sure yet the direction he intends for his future.  We built him a home that would allow him to grow and have a family, and that also met general needs for entertaining purposes.

Keagon has a continued interest in music and the arts. We ensured that his house contained areas for sculpting, music, and art, and also to meet his needs for pysical fitness.

Raina has a strong passion for the arts, as well, though hers is primarily in painting and music.  She is also very social and outgoing, so we sere sure to build her a house large enough to entertain many guests.

Wynter graduated as Valedictorian of her class and chose to become a professional author.  She will remain at home and will inherit our family home when Annette and I are no longer here.  Malekai is also continuing to live at home, as he continues preparation for his dream job in the military.

Generation 2: Chapter 11

Time slows down for nobody, and with pride and a twinge of reminiscence, i watched my boys grow into men.

Liam, with his love of horses, has settled on the future career path of becoming a jockey.  He graduated as Valedictorian, and his classmates voted him “Most Likely to Save the World.”

Malekai graduated with High Honors, and was voted “Most Likely to be a Millionaire.”  He strives for physical perfection, and wants to pursue a military career.

We also said goodbye to our dearly beloved pet, Yumi.

We still have Koda, but he is also aging quickly.

The kids all continue to follow their own paths.  Keagon plays his guitar at all hours of the day and night.

When not with Cullen, Wynter is almost certainly glued to a computer writing novels.  She has actually become quite talented and is already making a name for herself as an author.

Gage is generally in his own world, doing whatever he pleases, but always with a big grin on his face.

Raina has become involved with Bobby Wilkes, and says she sees promise in this relationship.Screenshot-288
Though they all enjoy their separate interests, the kids still remain close to one another, and were very excited to attend prom together.  They had a wonderful time – Wynter won Prom Queen, Keagon won King, Gage became romantically involved with a young lady named Louise, and Raina and Bobby made their relationship official.

Malekai has been working hard to prepare himself for a military career, developing his mechanical skills in addition to his physical fitness.

My father, though getting up there in age, remains young at heart.

He is always involved with the kids, even offering his two cents on their relationships.  Our family, though all growing in different directions, has very strong roots and I take pride in all of our endeavors.

Generation 2: Chapter 10

With a lot of focus on my family and career, it would be easy for me to get a little lost.  To avoid this, I ensure that I make time to pursue my own individual interests – such as painting – to help me relax.Screenshot-137
This important aspect of life was, and continues to be, demonstrated to me by my father, who always makes sure to get in some time for himself, such as a nice game of chess, to help unwind.

Of course, nothing would be possible without Annette, who even after all this time remains my anchor. Our relationship is even stronger now than it was on our wedding day.  It just keeps getting better.

Our love is not the only one going strong.  Wynter and Cullen have become an “official” couple, and are inseparable most days.

Screenshot-144 Screenshot-145Screenshot-149Screenshot-151
Liam also recently entered into a romantic relationship with Bernard Pierson.  Screenshot-159
Raina has also started seeing Eli Wilkes, though I think at this point they are still just dating and interested in one another, not yet committed.  We allow our kids freedom in their romantic choices, and always offer support, which we feel really opens up the doors of communication.

Romance is, of course, not the only thing happening in our children’s lives – there’s still plenty of hard work.

We also highlight the importance of maintaining alone time and individual hobbies, even when in a relationship, to grow and like themselves as individuals, and not draw their happiness from an external source.  Wynter enjoys writing.

Malekai is a very dedicated athlete.  He insists that he is going to join the military after high school – he’s a bit on the rebellious side, so Annette and I think it would certainly be good for him!

Keagon has really developed a passion for music, and can almost never be found without a guitar in his hands.  Annette and I could not be more proud of the wonderful, unique individuals that our children are, and we are blessed every day to watch them grow and develop.

Generation 2: Chapter 9

Our family is constantly growing – in all ways.  Blake and Gillian’s son, Ira, is already a toddler, and they are expecting again. Screenshot-70 My baby brother Tyler has become a bit of a…man around town…and is expecting is fifth child (from a third different mother).  While my parents really wish he would settle down, we are proud of the active role he takes in all of his children’s lives. He may not be the best at committed relationships, but he is a really good dad.

Meanwhile, our family, while certainly not expecting any additions, is continuously growing.  It’s nearly impossible (and terrifying) to believe that we now have six teenagers living under one roof.  Annette and I are of course excited for the endless possibilities their lives hold.

Gage gets along well with everyone, and has a bit of crazy charm and an excellent talent for endearing others to him.  He loves being outdoors doing just about any activity.

Raina has many talents – acting, painting, and general popularity.  She has recently acquired an interest in the family garden.

Screenshot-69 Screenshot-123
Keagon is fun-loving and fearless, with a continuing interest in music and martial arts. Screenshot-60
Wynter demands perfection, from others and herself.  She has a keen eye and a quick wit.Screenshot-85Screenshot-93
She was the first of our children to bring a romantic interest home. We trust her judgment implicitly, with her intellect and high standards, so we were quick to accept Cullen Pritchard, and Annette and I remain hands-off in allowing their relationship to develop along whatever course it may.

Of course, not all things can always be peachy, and with the good, some bad eventually comes along.  As I watch my children blossom and flourish, I had to say goodbye to my beloved mother, Whisper.